Welcome !

Our Address – Ferndale Road, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3HQ,  UK

Our weekly Church Services –


  • Breaking of Bread Service 10.30 am
  • Seekers Club for Children (5-12yrs) 12.00 am
  • Evening Gospel Service 6.30 pm


  • Prayer and Bible Teaching 7.30 pm

For your first visit we recommend the Sunday evening gospel service.
There is ample parking at the Chapel, alternatively transport is available

Contact us on 01264 358737    ;    01264 512233
Email: gristdennis@gmail.com ; peter.keel@sky.com

The Christians at Silver Birch Gospel Chapel are associated with similar groups of Christians worldwide that hold to conventional bible based Christianity in an informal setting with local leadership only. Goals such as education, training, publishing, care work, missions, and overseas aid are achieved through co-operation.

Answers to your Questions

What is a Gospel Chapel ?

It is :

  • A centre where the benefits of belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, are made known.
  • A centre where those who love the Lord Jesus Christ meet for worship, prayer and instruction.
  • A centre where those who want to learn more about the Bible and the Christian faith can do so in an atmosphere of Christian friendship.

Who are we ?

Members of our Chapel describe themselves as Christians. This follows the recorded practice of Jesus’ early disciples.

What do we believe ?

That the Bible is God’s message to man.

We believe, on the authority of the bible, that Jesus Christ was God appearing in human form.

That Jesus died to release us from the consequence of our sins, in particular our rejection of God, and that thereafter He rose again.

We believe that Jesus will come back to take all believers to be with himself for ever.
That Jesus Christ will ultimately return to rule the world and judge all mankind.

What do we practise ?

Our practices are determined by New Testament teaching including the baptism of believers by immersion and the regular breaking of bread (communion) as instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ on the evening before his crucifixion (the New Testament is the second part of the Bible).

What is our responsibility to you ?

To make known to everyone the eternal benefits of repenting of their sin and of believing in Jesus Christ.

We are ready to help as part of our service for Jesus Christ our Saviour :

  • If you would like to know more about the bible or about what we believe,
  • If you are concerned about life after death,
  • If you have a spiritual problem,
  • If you are lonely or despairing.

The Bible states – ” For God so loved the world that He sent his only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” Gospel of John chapter 3 verse 16